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change the future JHON TITOR◇f8VuYnoyWU

2020/09/08 (Tue) 06:57:21

I posted this message on a personal website 3 years ago.
My name is Jhon Titor i came from the future with a simple message and warnings i don't know if you'll believe this message or not i just came with a message.
There are several events that will happen in this timeline due to convergence the universe will correct itself and won't allow certain events to happen or will be delayed.
Fraudulent elections on several countries of the world mostly allies of USA interests
People start to rise against the governments.
A fake pandemic created by the world governments to kill the oposition this cause millions of dead worlwide to anihilate the people oposing the actual capitalist system in the world.
The pandemic is ended and the people rise against their governments,members of the military join their families and fight against the opression in different countries japan,hong kong,south korea,UK,USA,Mexico,Brasil,Chile,etc
Chilean dictator Sebastian Piñera refuse to call to elections for a new president and self elect as new president causing a new dictatorship.
Sebastian Piñera and all his family is killed in a coup,leader of resistance XXXXXX self proclaim himself as leader of the country and change the country name to "South Empire"
Thanks to the alliances between the South Empire,Japan and Russia the South Empire start to use all the resources of the land creating new weapons and tecnology to protect the country.
The South Empire start to make the millitary advance Argentina,Peru,Bolivia,Uruguay fall and became part of the South Empire
South Empire finally conquers central America and South America this is the spark that begins the WW3
All countries start to fight due to the alliance by Russia and the South Empire,Russia is forced to protect the south empire,USA uses their nukes to eliminate Russia which causes the self defence system of Russia to activate billions of lives are lost USA became a wasteland.
WW3 ends half of humanity is lost,Japan surrender to the south empire and all Japan became part of the South Empire,last military advance begins and all of north america falls under the South Empire.
Beginning of the wasteland recovery.
The remaining countries alive start to plan against the South Empire.
WW4 starts remaining countries are destroyed.
The leader of the South Empire begins the human salvation project,it ends in failure humanity fails to make progress by itself.
The leader of the south empire start an experiment to create a human who posses all the talent and skills in the world ends in failure.
Start of the despair project,which is just usage of tools to brainwash people so they commit suicide
Humanity is reduced to hundreds due to despair project
The few resistance members found the time machine with a message "change the future"

As you see there are some events that will happen no matter what.
The world ender name can't be said otherwise the time machine won't be completed since was created by himself
Divergence can' be said due to a simple problem it will be adjusted to the current timeline so if is 0.09 and changes to 1.23 people memories will be overwritten to the current timeline.
Killing the world ender is not posible due to the convergence i tried to kill him 4 times in the past and he didn't die.
The point would be to make humanity prosper and avoid the WW4.
The future is not written in stone only the past.

Re: change the future - Anonymous

2020/09/18 (Fri) 01:44:21

I think i found a clue this video shows someone asking for support https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJbDyzn-Ta8 is that the guy,i wish an answer since he seems to be against the actual systems in the world

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